Terms of Service

We don't hide our terms of service in the footer like many other hosting companies. In fact we have it in the site header. We have no worrysome policies. Don't believe us? No worries, take a look below.

By purchasing one or multiple of our products, you agree to all the terms below.

When a shared hosting account goes above its quota for bandwith or diskspace GrayWebHost gives the user the option to pay a nominal fee for more diskspace and or bandwith. The pricing for upgrades is as follows:
Per GB of added diskspace $1 USD/€0.75 EUR per month.
Per added GB of bandwith $0.50 USD/€0.40 EUR per month.
When you use more diskspace and/or traffic than what is included in your plan, we may suspend your service(s) partially or entirely.
Please be advised that exceeding your diskspace limit may cause services like email and/or mySQL and/or any type of file upload to stop functioning and/or encounter errors/problems/(partial) corruption until you make space available again or by upgrading to a plan with more diskspace/traffic. Any issues arising from exceeding the limits allowed within your plan are your own responsibility.

Accounts may be suspended or terminated due to the hosting of hard adult content (soft-erotic material is allowed), pirated materials or by breaking the ToS/AUP in general. If a user is found hosting this, Gray Web Host will notify the user advising that they have 48 hours to 2 weeks (depending on the type of violation) to remove the content or risk suspsension and/or (eventual) termination of their account at their loss, without refunds. Gray Web Host may suspend and/or cancel and/or terminate any account should this be deemed necesarry for the safety/reputation of ourselves, the client and/or other clients, to the visitors of your website or towards other people in general. The hosting of revenge and/or child pornography is grounds for immediate termination and we reserve the right to contact law enforcement.

Users may upgrade/downgrade, cancel, or renew their account by opening a support ticket.

When you visit our web site, our web server collects basic user information about you that includes your ISP's domain, the time you accessed our web site, and the pages from within our web site that you visit. We may at times also use cookies, which are small pieces of information that a web site can store in a designated file on your computer. Cookies allow a web application to respond to you as an individual. By gathering and remembering information about your preferences, the web application can tailor its operation to your needs, likes, and dislikes. Our web server does not collect your e-mail address or aggregate information on what other pages on the Web you have accessed or visited.

Like most standard websites, we use log files. This information may include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user's movement in the aggregate, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. However, none of the information stored in our log files, including but not limited to IP addresses, is directly linked to personally identifiable information with the exception for information stored in our Client Area. We will not share or sell this data with/to anyone unless (legally) necessary or through a full sale of the company.
When using our services, our servers will keep logs of actions you and/or your visitor(s) and/or third-parties take on the servers - such as logging in to cPanel, FTP activity, website visits and the likes. The data in the logs itself is usually not directly personally identifiable information, other than IP and username. This information is generally stored temporarily, but we may store some information for a longer period of time if we deem that to be necessary, including but not limited to for legal/litigation purposes, for your protection, to analyze attacks, analyze problems (that you report to us through support ticket) and to analyze the use of our services. We will not share this with third-parties other than, in part, with cPanel Inc. for analysis and troubleshooting purposes. We may also share any kind of data when we're legally compelled to share this data through a court order or when we deem it (legally) necessary. When using third-party software such as the auto-installer in cPanel, this software may share information of you and/or your visitors with them and/or with third-parties, which is beyond our (direct) control and you agree that this may happen.
If you'd like to know what information we have of you, please open a support ticket and we will make a best effort to collect all the currently (retained/available) data that we have.

On rare occasions, it is necessary to send out a strictly service-related announcement, if, for instance, our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance. Generally, users may not opt-out of these communications, though they can deactivate their account. However, these communications are not promotional in nature.

Though we make every effort to preserve your privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law, if we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary and required to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order and/or (other) legal process served on Gray Web Host. We may give out your email address in case of copyright violations or when law enforcement wishes to contact you. Upon court order, Gray Web Host may be forced to remove domain privacy settings in order to comply with the laws. Gray Web Host, and its parent company, will never sell your data/personal details to other individuals or businesses, unless it is in relation with the complete sale of the company. Gray Web Host reserves the right to access any of your data in relation to the service, for security, making backups and/or when providing support on your request that requires access to your data.

The Gray Web Host website contains links to other sites. Please be aware that Gray Web Host is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. The Gray Web Host Privacy Policy as described herein applies solely to information collected by Gray Web Host.

You are responsible for the security of your Customer ID and passwords. Make sure you keep them in a safe place and do not share them with others. Always remember to log out after your session ends to ensure that others cannot access your private personal information. You should take this precaution even if you are not using a public computer, such as at a library or internet cafe, but even when using your private computer in your home. We strongly recommend using two-factor authentication to protect your accounts, available in both our client area as cPanel. Please note that access to our client area means being able to make requests, including but not limited to requesting upgrades, custom services against a fee or even cancellations/terminations of the entire account. You may authorize, through the client area, third-parties to have access to our client area to open support tickets on your behalf. Third-parties to which you provide such access can act on your behalf, and you are resonsponsible for the requests they make. For security purposes, we do not allow third-parties to make requests that cost you (extra) money, nor are they able to request cancellations. If you do wish a third-party to have these rights, please open a support ticket as additional terms will apply and we require written confirmation that you want this third-party to have full control over your account.

You are responsible for the security of your account and website in general, any issues resulting from the use of insecure software, for example, but not limited to, by not installing the latest version of the software you use for your site, are without exception your own responsibility. Any type of issues arising from using (outdated) software on your site or computer will be your own responsibility.

Should your account cause excessive loads on the server, primarily but not limited to I/O, CPU and Memory usage, causing the overall performance of the system to degrade, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

Gray Web Host offers specialized services for your website, such as upgrades to software, on request and may charge a fee for providing such services. Using our (paid) services to perform services on your website, such as software installations or upgrades, does not make us responsible for said software: we merely execute what you ask us to do.

Cancellations can only be made from the client area with no exception, and a new ticket has to be made for this occasion. Cancellations will be performed at the end of a billing cycle, unless you instruct us to immediately terminate your account. Please keep in mind no refunds are issued for unused services.

Refund policy of 30 days is solely applicable to annually and semi-annually billing cycles and constitutes that you may file for a no questions asked refund of your payment, under the following conditions, for the hosting plan within 30 days after placing your first order for that service with Gray Web Host. (Renewals are not eligible.) This only applies to the hosting costs: domain name registrations are NOT eligible for a refund. If you received a free domain with your (semi-)annually paid hosting plan and wish to make use of the refund policy, the price for the domain name registration will be deducted from the total to-be refunded amount. A refund will not be issued if a violation of any terms has occured. After the 30 days have passed, the ability to call upon this policy will no longer be available. Whilst you can always cancel prematurely: no refunds will be issued. Should you cancel within 7 days after the first order for the package in question was placed, you will receive a full refund for the hosting costs. (Domain name excluded.) After that period, we may deduct the costs for 1 month of hosting services without discount, if applicable, and solely refund the remainder. Monthly paid packages have a refund policy eligibility of 7 days after the first order for that package was placed (renewals not included), after that period: no refunds will be issued, even if you wish to cancel prematurely.

You are responsible for your own account and, even though we generate regular backups, for your own files and making backups of such files. Gray Web Host, nor its parent company, is responsible for any lost or compromised data.

Gray Web Host's services are relying on third-party (open-source) software, such as the following examples: cPanel, Apache, nginx, PHP, et cetera. Whilst we do our utmost best to deliver the best, most stable and secure hosting experience, and are renowned for it, we cannot guarantee the proper working and security of any and all aspects of our services at all times. Issues such as software bugs may occur, which in turn can cause specific features not to work properly or contain vulnerabilities. Even though this is rare and we usually patch such issues within a few hours (which is so fast that security bugs are rarely an issue (plus we have very strong security software and firewalls)): we do rely on third-party vendors, which can cause significant delays in fixing specific software bugs. Whilst this usually does not have any impact on the availability or security of your website and/or the data stored on your account, parts of the service (such as cPanel) can, fortunately by very rare exception, have minor bugs or other issues. On top of this, Gray Web Host relies on internet networks of third-parties. Whilst the network is redundant, interruptions can sometimes occur; including but not limited to external causes such as DDoS attacks. In the event of such software and/or network issues: Gray Web Host is not responsible, and client will have to accept that this is the nature of computer systems/networks and thus that issues may sometimes occur.

Gray Web Host provides HTTP, DNS, POP3/IMAP/SMTP, FTP and PHP + mySQL as the primary services. Any other services are merely extra services provided to you as a courtesy, to make things easier or offer you amazing extra functionality; without any warranty. Use is at own risk.

Please be advised that customers are placed on so called shared servers. This means that your account is placed on a server with multiple other customers. Under rare circumstances, it may occur that your service is temporarily interrupted or (severely) slower than usual due to a problem, or very high traffic, on another website. Our team is usually quick to identify such issues and fix them, thanks to extensive monitoring, and you usually should only rarely encounter such issues; however, please do keep in mind that due to the nature of this type of hosting: these issues can occur.

As with any computer based service, which webhosting is, servers may sometimes show issues. They can be slow, hang or lock-up. Whilst we use enterprise grade hardware and our uptime is 99.97% over the entire year (Last measurement: 2015) and whilst our team of engineers is exceptionally well trained: full or partial downtime of (the) service(s) can unfortunately sometimes happen. For this reason we guarantee a 99.9% uptime. 99.9% uptime consists solely of server and network uptime, but explicitly excludes scheduled maintenance. Downtime due to scheduled maintenance is not counted as downtime. On top of that, downtime due to Denial of Service attacks and/or other externel causes, including problems at our network provider or the power supply, is also not counted. Barring those types of downtimes, we guarantee a 99.9% uptime of our platform per month. If we do not meet this criteria, customer is entitled to compensation. Compensation is given in our sole discretion, and we will decide what the compensation will be. This may be finiancial, but it may also be extra resources such as extra diskspace or traffic (for a limited time). Uptime measurement is performed by ourselves, and solely our own statistics matter. We do not accept measurements of client and/or third-party services (utilized by client). The uptime guarantee only matters towards full-downtime: meaning all services are unavailable. If for example only FTP is temporarily not functioning, but your website is online: this does not constitute a full downtime; and thus does not count towards the statistics. In the event that a server has issues and your site becomes unavailable, downtime is counted from the moment a support ticket is opened to report the issue to us. Please be advised that it may occur that you and/or (one of) your visitor(s) cannot access your services because your/their IP has been (temporarily) blacklisted by the firewall; which may occur if for example you/them have tried to login to cPanel, email or FTP with a wrong username/password many times in quick succession; which is a security measure in a best-effort attempt to protect you, your account, third-parties, ourselves and our servers from harm and from malicious hackers. Such bans may be temporary and resolve themselves within 30 to 60 minutes, but in some cases or after multiple blocks: they can be permanent. This does not constitute a downtime, even if it is a false-positive. You can raise a support ticket to resolve the matter. Please note: if it turns out that the offending IP(s) has/have been banned due to a high security risk, such as attempts to login to our servers as an Administrator or perform a DoS-attack on our server(s), we may choose to keep this block permanent to protect ourselves against hacking attempts, overloads, harm to us or third parties, illegal activity or any kind of (Distributed) Denial of Service attack(s), in which case you're not entitled to any compensation or refund(s).

SSH access is disabled by default, with the exception of SFTP which is available to everyone. Users with a Ultimate plan may request SSH access by submitting a support ticket explaining why they require SSH access. Gray Webhost can approve or deny such a request or ask for additional details. The shell access will be limited to a jailed shell with no access to compilers. Running software and/or executing commands on SSH that may lead to security risk or has adverse affects on the performance, security and/or any other aspect of our services and/or computer systems may lead to the access being revoked or the entire account may be suspended.

Whilst our support is renowned and staffed by professionals, please keep in mind we are solely obliged to identify, and if required: fix, problems with the server systems. (Note: please read the "third-party software" above for exceptions.) Our support team will usually try to help you out with other problems as well, but please keep in mind this is provided as a service solely at our own discretion. We may decline to help with issues not related to our systems or charge an extra fee for services not covered within the scope of our responsibilities. Should this situation occur, you will receive a cost estimate before any services are performed. Gray Web Host and CoreISP.net Corporation are the only parties that may judge whether a problem with (software on) your hosting account is caused by our servers/services or by something else.

Gray Web Host is designed primarily for private/personal users, within budget scope. Whilst we welcome and most certainly allow business websites, please be advised that no extra priority is given to support tickets created for businesses. All our clients are equal, whether they are utilizing the service for personal/private purposes or business purposes. Due to the budget nature of the services, you may experience that support tickets (and solutions) may (relatively) be more time consuming than at services tailored for businesses; therefore: using the service for business critical material is not advised and is at your own risk. Clients whom require priority support for enterprise class hosting solutions should contact CoreISP.net Corporation directly at sales@coreisp.net to request a enterprise price quote, which is better fit for business hosting.
Please be advised that you agree that we're never responsible for any loss/damages your business makes should there be an issue with our services.

If we notice that you are using insecure and/or outdated software on your hosting account, we may ask you to apply updates. You agree that you will promptly install (security) updates upon first request. We may disable/suspend (part of) the service when you continue to host outdated/insecure software, to protect our services and prevent issues for other people and/or services.

We may charge a late fee of up to $9.95 USD/€8.95 EUR per invoice when the payment for the invoice is late. Having trouble paying or need a few more days? Let us know in advance through a support ticket to prevent a late fee! Please note that not paying for any invoice that you receive may eventually result in any or all of your services being suspended and/or terminated. Should this occur, you still need to pay the invoice and we reserve the right to use a debt collection agency, of which all costs will have to be paid by the client. Repeatedly paying late without notice may result in a cancellation from our side.
If we suspend or cancel your account due to non-payment, you still have to pay any and all unpaid invoices in your account. Invoice generation will continue during suspension, and those invoices also have to be paid.

Cancellations can only be made from the client area with no exception, and a new ticket has to be made for this occasion. Cancellations will be performed at the end of a billing cycle, unless you instruct us to immediately terminate your account. Please keep in mind no refunds are issued for unused services. Not properly cancelling your services means invoices will continue to be generated, and you will have to pay them: even if you're no longer using the service and/or have moved your site elsewhere. Under no circumstance, unless an exception is granted by us to you at our sole discretion, does not using the purchased service mean you do not have to pay for it, as the service is still actively being delivered to you for your to use. Therefore, if you no longer need or use the services: cancel your service, otherwise you will have to continue to pay for it. We may use a debt collection agency to collect unpaid invoices in your account, of which all costs have to be paid by you, and we may apply late fees on open invoices as described above. We reserve the right to cancel a service from our side at any time without the need to supply a reason; the remainder of any prepaid billing cycle(s) may be (partially) refunded at our sole descretion, unless it is a cancellation/termination due to a breach of these terms and condititions.

Our servers are equiped with a virus scanner that scans in/outgoing e-mail for viruses. Please be aware that this is merely for additional safety, but it cannot replace a virus scanner on your computer and it does not come with any warranties. The same goes for the firewall; whilst it offers some protection to your website (and a lot of security to our servers), it can't stop all forms of attacks/hacking attempt to your website; should any ever occur. Whilst we offer this service and extra security layers for you, we do not give any warranties/guarantees for their accuracy and detection level. If we would set the firewall and virus scanner to be very agressive for actions performed on your website, certain scripts could trigger false-positives causing normal legitimate visitors and files being blocked, making your website hard to use. In general, our servers are very secure; but this might not be the case for the software/files you use on your website or on your computer; it is therefore of paramount importance that you regularly check your PC for viruses and keep the software running on your site up to date to prevent any issues and to stay safe against hackers!
You agree through the use of our services that we are never responsible for any issues or damages arising out of attacks by (malicious) hackers (in the broadest sense of the word) on your website, our servers or any other aspects of our services.

We offer SSL Certificates (DV) free of charge to all of our clients, fully automated once you have enabled it in your cPanel account. Whilst we do our utmost best to offer an extraordinary well secured/designed system, and its functioning overall is as powerful (or even more powerful in some aspects due to its automated nature) as buying your own certificate, we do not provide any warranty towards the (correct) functioning and/or availability of (the) SSL (certificate) nor to the safety and privacy protection on data that is exchanged over the internet between your site and its visitors and/or is stored on our servers. We save you a lot of money by offering this service free of charge, but due to its free nature cannot guarantee it is error free nor can we give any warranties or insurances - even whilst we're 100% convinced that the feature works perfectly. We cannot promise this service will be available free of charge forever and may have to charge for SSL again in the future. This feature relies on the Lets Encrypt(TM) system, a third-party vendor. Should they stop offering their services (for free) or if their services are interrupted: the generation of free SSL certificates may (temporarily) cease. As it is a free service provided to you as an extra, it is not considered part of the contract and therefore any changes to Free SSL does not constitute a change in contract or pricing for the main package(s) and/or domains and is thus no grounds to terminate the service(s) prematurely nor does it give you any rights to a refund of the paid services. We merely offer this for free in an effort to help make the internet more secure in an affordable way and without many technical difficulties, essentially supporting a good cause - which is why we cannot take responsibilities for this free bonus service.

Gray Web Host may post changes or modifications to referenced policies and guidelines without notice to you, including but not limited to the terms on this page. Your continued use of the Services following Gray Web Host posting of any changes or modifications will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications. Should you see any changes and no longer agree with the applicable terms: you must immediately inform us, within 1 (one) month after the changes were put in effect, in order to receive a pro-rata refund fee calculated from the day your cancellation is performed; which explicitly excludes any and all domain name purchases, and Gray Web Host may before calculating the amount to be refunded reverse any discount that was provided for paying in advance or discounts obtained through a special offer. Gray Web Host may also choose to waive the changed sections of the terms and decline a refund, and/or Gray Web Host may in its sole descretion archive applicable Terms and Conditions that will remain in effect, without the changes, until the client renews. That shall be noted as such, and may result in the client being bound to different terms for different services, should a client have multiple subscriptions. When you renew a service, you always accept the current terms and thusly also accept any changes that may have been put in to effect between the time you last made an order and/or renewed the service(s), voiding the right to cancel based on any such changes; if applicable, as you agree to the new terms. Such a disagreement with new/updated terms may only be made known to us through a support ticket. Failure to do as such will mean you still agree to, and must abide by, our terms as explained in this ToS, for the time that you did not open a ticket. Failure to open a ticket within a month after changes have been posted means the terms are permanently in effect and you cannot file for a refund: only for cancellation due to not wishing to honor the terms any longer. It is the responsibility of the client to check for changes.
Any minor modifications to the policy, for example to fix spelling mistakes or re-word for better clarification, do not constitute an actual change as the policy will remain unaltered in its meaning and what has been agreed upon.

If you may find anything in these terms unclear or if you're not sure whether or not you understand them: please do not blindly agree but first send us a message. Clicking the "I agree" checkbox on the order form means you understood and accept all terms and conditions.

Customer expressly agrees that use of the services is at customer's sole risk. Neither the company, its employees, agents, resellers, third party information providers, merchants licensers or the like, warrant that the service will not be interrupted or be error free; nor do they make any warranty as to the results that might be obtained from the use of any of the services or as to the accuracy, or reliability of any information service or merchandise contained in or provided through our network, unless otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement. Customer also acknowledges and accepts that any damage(s) claim(s) customer makes will, in total/combined together if multiple claims are made, never exceed 100% of the price that you pay us for one (1) month of the affected service that you have with us, excluding applicable VAT.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall Gray Web Host, CoreISP, DedicatedBox, its officers, agents or any one else be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of or inability to use our service; or that results from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, errors, defects, delays in operation, or transmission or any failure of performance, whether or not limited to acts of God, communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to our records, programs or services. Customer hereby acknowledges that this paragraph shall apply to all contents on all servers and to all services.

Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Gray Web Host/CoreISP/DedicatedBox and its owners/employees harmless from any demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorneys fees, ("Liabilities") asserted against the company, its agents, its customers, servants officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by the customer, its agents, employees or assigns. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Gray Web Host, CoreISP and/or DedicatedBox against Liabilities arising out of (i) any injury to person or property caused by any products sold or otherwise distributed in connection with our servers; (ii) any material supplied by the customer infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party; (iii) copyright infringement and (iv) any defective product which customer sold through our services.

Additional terms apply from parent company CoreISP/DedicatedBox, with exception of points 7, 8, 9 10 and 11 of the Service Agreement. Any content outlined in the ToS above that can be found in any of these points are applicable through the ToS above, and thus agreed to already.
Acceptable Use Policy
Service Agreement
When you purchase one of our products and agree to the terms, you also agree to additional terms outlined in parent company CoreISP/DedicatedBox terms we link to above this line; and thus also apply to services from Gray Web Host. Please carefully read them!

Last update: 10th of March, 2017.